Why Adoptive and Foster Parents Must Resist “Over the Top” Giving

“Just get whatever you want.” Many of us believe this communicates love to adopted and foster children. As Sherrie Eldridge wrote this post, she identified a new area of overindulgence in her own life. Find out what overgiving really communicates to your child and the three forms of overgiving.

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What If Our Adoptive or Foster Dad Dies?

One of the greatest fears of adopted and foster children, no matter their age, is losing the adoptive parent or foster parent. After all, when they are all gone, the adopted or fostered child will experience once again what it feels like to be an orphan. It is a dreaded place. So, how can that be handled and be an opportunity for growth? Learning about “the gaze” will be a great comfort and reality.

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A Craft Project to Help Adopted or Foster Kids Process Adoption Grief

How, oh how, can a foster or adoptive parent help their child through grief? They run as fast as possible from anything sad, right? Here’s an indirect and creative way to approach the subject. I have always loved this poem because I think it shows the painful reality and also healing involved in adoption. It would be a neat project

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Who Am I? Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Help Kids With Identity Issues

Who am I? This is the subconscious source of anxiety for many adopted and foster kids, no matter our age. I don’t know of one adopted or foster kid that hasn’t asked that question. Should I identify with my birth or adoptive parents, or both? What if one of them rejects me? Here is the unshakeable identity I found along

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Preparing Adopted and Foster Kids for Family Holiday Gatherings

Isolation Might Be Choice of Adopted and Foster Kids in Social Situations

There’s nothing much more shocking than walking into a room of family members who snub you. Well, not only snub you, but act like they don’t know you’re there. I still remember when Bob and I attended the funeral of my beloved birth uncle Dave Clark, who stood up for me against a mentally-deranged and abusive birth mother…to his death.

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Adopted and Foster Kids Can Survive Winters

With romanticized societal views about adoption and foster care, it is difficult to put a positive spin on your experience when you are in a winter of your life. There is something very special about living through the winter of one’s life touched by adoption and foster care, though. Let Sherrie share it with you?

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Dear Younger Me…the rejected adopted or foster me

Society doesn’t talk much about adoptees and foster kids being rejected by birth family members. It is more common than you may think. When I was rejected by my birth mother after our reunion, it was the year 1993. Back in those days, adoption literature was sparse and I couldn’t find anything that talked about what to do when you get rejected. For years, I thought it was my fault. God held me through it all, though. I offer this simple allegory written long ago to any therapists who may have rejected clients and also to fellow adoptees and foster kids.

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Dear Younger Me…the adopted or fostered me

Getting young or adolescent adoptees to hear truths about adoption is nearly impossible. It’s like they are deep beneath water and even though we scream so that they can hear, they often can’t. This letter is from an adoptee in her 7th decade to her unborn self. Perhaps fellow adoptees can find validation through Sherrie’s words and parents can make the letter age appropriate for their adopted and foster children.
A practical suggestion for parents of foster and adopted children may prove advantageous in delving deeper with your kiddos, teens, and adult children.

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Sometimes Adoptees and Especially Foster Kids Feel Like A Burden

I took all my stuff to the downstairs bedroom, shut the door, and crawled into bed, pulling the covers over my head. It felt safer there. Perhaps, there, I could escape the message that pounded in my head relentlessly: “You are a bother.” It was the time of my second clinical depression and I felt like I was being a

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