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An Effective Writing Project for Shut-Down Adoptees and Foster Kids

This photo of hands writing in tablet depict an adopted or foster child engaging in a writing project to help them start talking, whereas before, they were shut down.

Write your story” is what’s trendy now in adoption circles amongst adoptees. YIKES…I can’t do that. I’ve written seven books, some which tell the circumstances of my story,  but my voice…it’s missing. Last night I lay in bed, panicked about not being able to find my voice. Where is my voice? How can I find the voice of the baby,

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Does the Bible Validate An Adoptee’s Primal Wound?

This picture shows a crying infant in a basket on the Nile River. It is Moses. Does anyone hear his cry? Learn a surprising answer to his cry.

With all the changing terminology and philosophy about what an adoptee experiences at relinquishment, author Sherrie Eldridge takes us to the core meaning of what it really means. She reviews expert opinions and then gives a Biblical clue you won’t want to miss.

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A Gift Only Adoptees Can Give

This is a picture of a teen adoptee and an older adoptee hugging, showing that the problem of loneliness is healed when adoptees connect with one another.

It’s a gift adoptive parents can’t give, birth parents can’t give, or adoption professionals can’t give. Only other adoptees can give it to one another.

I’ll never forget sitting next to an adoptive mom at an adoption carnival where I was speaking. At the end of the day the time came for the children and teens to come on stage and show the parents an adoption art project they had been working on.

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Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Offer Comfort on Boo-Hoo Birthdays

This is a piece of birthday cake illustrating the possibility of a positive experience for adopted and foster children on birthdays, However, many don't enjoy. They might even throw the cake. They are experiencing mixed feelings. This post tells how parents can nurture and ease sad and happy birthdays with a creative idea of an ice cream craft.

What are adoptive and foster parents to do when their child acts out on birthdays…or when their child shuts down? Here are five beliefs many adoptees have about birthdays and five things parents can do to help comfort the sadness.

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How To Tell If You’ve Been Called to Parent Through Adoption or Foster Care

This image shows a son riding on his dad's back. It illustrates the need for adoptive and foster parents to celebrate adoption with their kids. Practical tips are offered here about ways to celebrate.

There aren’t enough positive things written about adoptive and foster parenting today. ..about the beauty of adoption. Yes, parents have an abundance of challenges, but at times, they need to reflect on how they became a family and celebrate. Sherrie Eldridge gives coaching tips on how to do this.

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