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Will Adopted and Foster Kids Get Triggered On Mother’s Day?

The Best Gift Is Being Present

Hallmark reminds us of the upcoming Mothers Day with romanticized cards and sentimental gift offerings. Mothers Day is ideally a day for remembering the mothering we received and the incredible character of the mom who poured herself into us minute-by-minute, time after time, day after day, and year after year. It’s a time that’s often celebrated in church and synagogue

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Confessions of An Angry Adoptee

We feel emotions more intensely than many non-adopted humans, for we have pre-adoption traumas that affect us right down to the cellular level.But, isn’t anger supposed to be a good thing? Yes!  Our emotions are a gift, meant to help us. But, anger can become toxic if not processed. Take this quiz to see if your anger is toxic.

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The Best News for Adopted and Foster Kids This Easter

How to Answer Your Child's Questions

The innermost fear of many adopted humans—Is my life a mistake?This is the deepest, darkest shame possible and none of your children would admit it to you. Trust me, MOST adoptees struggle with this question.What is needed for the questioning child?

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