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Do Adoptees and Foster Kids Have A Right to Be Angry?

The Unwanted Adversarial Relationship

Hell, yes, we’re angry. Excuse my French…I’m just a veteran adoptee, finally free from adoptee anger’s choking grip, and ready to hunt bear. As you might have surmised from the opening statement, this will not be a feel-good read. No warm fuzzies or heart-shaped emojis. No steaming bedtime tea and cookies. This is a wake-up, hope-drenched, revolutionary strategy for healing

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The Gift of My Adoptive Mama’s Perfume

I'd Pour Out Mom's Perfume If At All Possible

If you pick up an empty bottle that once contained expensive perfume, its possible to still distinguish the fine fragrance, even though the bottle is empty. Adoptive mamas, you are the perfume and you want your life and love to be a timeless fragrance of fine perfume for your adopted and foster child. That’s what my mom longed for, but

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One Adoptee Discovers Late Mom’s Legacy of Love

When Rocky Memories Turn Warm

I never dreamed I’d be writing a book about her…my late adoptive mom, that is. Our rocky relationship was nothing to brag about. In fact, it was a secret I carried as an adoption author and speaker. But, then something incredible occurred. Flashing into my mind were warm memories of her. How could that be? She’d been dead for 37 years.


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