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How To Find Adoption Identity Clues

How do you connect the dots(clues)? Look for mysteries, out-of-the-ordinary stuff, shocking circumstances, and repetition. What makes your mind say “really?” When I was a child, the physician who delivered me visited every week to check on me came until I was old enough to ask who he was. Hmmmm. Something strange there. Anything come to mind for you about

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Is Searching for Lost Birth Relatives Worth the Risk?

Dear friends, Before deciding to go full blast on our adventure, we must count the cost, don’t you think? See this precious little girl, dressed up as a detective? If we could see her heart, this is what she would look like. Most adoptees in the All-Adoptee Growth Group ( say that they think about their birth mother every day.

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You Are Invited to an Adoption Identity Search!

You are invited to join me in what I’m calling an “Identity Search!” It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or how and if your life has been touched by adoption. We will be searching for clues, confirmations, circumstances, and confidence. Up for the journey with me? I’ll give you an adoption identity fact with each post.

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