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An Adoptee’s Wish List

Ireland's First Adoption Author

If only this could happen, the gaping wound in my adoptee soul would heal. If only… • I knew the names of my birth parents • I could access my original birth certificate • I could see my birth mother’s face • I could know medical history • I could find my missing birth father • I could experience a

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Sherrie’s “Take” on Her Missing History

Oh, how I hate missing history! I know all about my birth mother’s genealogical family, but nothing about my birth father’s. He is still shrouded in mystery. I remember giving the intermediary-lady who found her these questions: What is the family health history? What nationality am I? Who is my birth father? The third question shut her down. She told

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The Answer When Adoptees Don’t Know Their History

There certainly is a lot of adoptee anger and sadness regarding missing birth family history. Whether its the opening of our original birth certificates, owning only a certificate of abandonment from a foreign country, or finding negative and painful history, and even a tombstone…its all hard to process. In the midst of our finding identity with missing history, we need

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