Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hidden Losses in Adoption

As with most everything in life, adoption has positive and negative elements.  None of us wants to acknowledge the negative, painful side–that is, loss.  But the truth is, the very act of adoption is built upon loss.  For the birth parents, the loss of their biological offspring, the relationship that could have been, a very part of themselves.  For the

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Adoptee Mixed Feelings and Thanksgiving

There’s a certain, undefinable sadness that hovers over the heart of an adoptee that is aging….at least this one. Memories of loss paint a melancholy, forboding, lifeless, un-iniviting landscape. But today of all days, we should be thankful! It’s Thanksgiving, after all. Mixed feelings are running rampant inside of me! Anybody out there identify? I bet a few of my

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Confessions of An Adoptee Hoarder

Our living room floor was scattered with tidbits of paper, scratched-out notes from my first conversation with birth relatives, photos of generations past, a handwritten will of my birth grandmother, the first card I received from my birth mother, the newspaper clipping with the hand carved ship my grandfather made for Henry Ford back in the day. (Yes, THAT Henry

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