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Change An Adoptee’s Name?

Changing an adopted child’s name is of great concern to parents of internationally and domestically adopted children. One mother wrote, “When a child is adopted at age five or six, or later, do you feel it’s appropriate to change the child’s name? Should we ask our child? Doesn’t changing the name give the message that the birth family is bad,

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How Adoptees Think About Their Birth Mothers

All children, adopted or not, have secret places within where they can fantasize about perfect parents. They travel to these places when disillusioned with their own parents. Freud called this the family romance theory. When the non-adopted child learns around age seven or eight that his parents have both negative and positive characteristics, their fantasies dissipate. It’s not that simple

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Dr. Greg Keck to Help You with Hard Questions

Let me introduce you to the best of the best, as far as I am concerned. So many of you are overwhelmed with challenged in parenting and Greg Keck, Ph.D. is our guest blogger for the week. Ask him whatever you want–right here. Here is his bio: Gregory Keck, Ph.D., is the founder and director of the Attachment & Bonding

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