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Adoption Pearls from the All-Adoptee ICU


A lesson from nature teaches us that pain is the catalyst that makes the precious pearl. Through all the tough issues adoptees work through in the All-Adoptee ICU, pearls of wisdom are formed. Here is my “take” on the pearls. How about yours?

1. Anyone can make love, but only God can create a life.
2. Even though my birth parents didn’t plan my life, God did. I am no mistake.
3. Every day of my life was planned before any one of them ever came to be—no coincidences!
4. I was removed me from the care of my birth parents for their good and mine.
5. Even though hospital workers called me “Baby X” after birth, my mom and dad had already picked out a name for me.
6. I am not a reject or second class–I am a jewel among jewels.
7. I have a unique place in human history that no one else can fill.
8. Even though my birth mother experienced a painful conception, good came out of evil–me!
9. The desire in my heart for a reunion with my birth family is innate. I need not feel guilty for wanting to meet them.
10. Searching and reunion bring growth, no matter what the outcome, for I have faced my greatest fear.
11. There is a time to search for answers to adoption questions and a time to give up as lost.
12. Some of my adoption questions will never be answered this side of heaven.

If you want to check out the All-Adoptee Growth Group:,
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All-Adoptee ICU Signs of Recovery

Pam Kroskie, Sherrie, Beth Willis Miller, and Lisa Floyd at the All-Adoptee Boot Camp

Here are a few of the signs that adoptees have healed:
• “I have a unique life purpose…I can see how God is working in my life!”
• “I can now take rejection in stride!”
• “I can now see my adoption experience through God’s eyes!”

The link for the All-Adoptee Online Group is: This is valuable to adoptees, ages nine and up.


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All-Adoptee ICU Success Stories

There’s nothing defective about adoptees! We just need a special kind of help.

Here is an amazing woman, Lisa Floyd. I included her interview last week in comments but it got buried. So, here it is again!
Here is an amazing woman, Lisa Floyd. I included her interview last week in comments but it got buried. So, here it is again!
Pam Dixon Kroskie, President of AAC
Pam Dixon Kroskie, President of AAC
Beth Willis Miller, co-author, writing specialist
Beth Willis Miller, co-author, writing specialist
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An ICU for Hurting Adoptees?

Where can you take an adoptee for intensive help? If you go to the psych unit at the hospital, they don’t even mention adoption-related trauma as a possible issues of depression, anxiety, or self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.


There is a place, online, where adoptees can go and be with other adoptees who’ve been where they are and who will help them identify what’s going on inside and how to navigate to health.
This group was a 501c3 and founded by Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network.
Order Here!
Here are some of the symptoms that indicate adoptees need an ICU:
• “I feel like something’s missing.”
• “I often feel like I don’t belong.”
• “I blow up easily and hurt others.”
• “I sometimes fantasize about my birth family.”
• “I am confused about my identity.”
• “I push myself to be perfect.”
• “I am terrified of rejection.”
• “I struggle with self-esteem.”
• “I get uptight whenever I think about meeting my birth family.”
To join the group, you must be an adoptee! Contact Sherrie
Beth Willis Miller is the facilitator and does a wonderful job of reaching out to fellow adoptees. Thank you Beth for all you do!