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How Can Adoptees Know What Their Life Is Worth?

A single thread in a tapestry Though its color brightly shine Can never see its purpose In the pattern of the grand design. And the stone that sits on the very top Of the mountain’s mighty face, Does it think it’s more important Than the stones that form the base? So how can you know what your life is worth?

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Honoring Spiritual Moms on Mother’s Day

There is another kind of mother–not birth or adoptive–that I want to honor. In my case, I want to honor multiple moms. Spiritual moms…who didn’t change diapers or sign relinquishment papers brokenheartedly. No, they gave me something that neither my mom or birth mother could. They took care of Baby Sherrie’s soul after she was born again more than 40

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Mother’s Day Tips for Rejected Adoptees

When I returned from my reunion with my birth mother twenty years ago and called to thank her for the visit, she announced to me that she wanted no more contact. Twenty years ago, there wasn’t anything written about this experience and I felt so ashamed and was sure the rejection was because of something I did. So, for fellow

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