Who Will Protect the Fatherless?

Watch out...God goes to great lengths to protect the fatherless!

Watch out…God goes to great lengths to protect the fatherless!

In studying about God’s provision for the orphan, I found this to be so powerful. It’s worth the read and is from Matthew Henry’s Commentary series:

Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless, 11 for their Defender is strong; he will take up their case against you.
The fatherless are taken under God’s special protection; with him they not only find mercy shown to them (Hos. 14:3 ) but justice done for them. He is their Redeemer, their Goël,their near kinsman, that will take their part and stand up for them with jealousy, as taking himself affronted in the injuries done to them. As their Redeemer he will plead their cause against those that do them any injury, and, one way or other, will not only defend their right, and recover it for them, but avenge the wrongs done to them. And he is mighty, almighty; his omnipotence is engaged and employed for their protection, and their proudest and most powerful oppressors will not only find themselves an unequal match for this, but will find that it is at their peril to contend with it. 2. Every man therefore must be careful not to injure them in any thing, or to invade their rights, either by a clandestine removal of the old land-marks or by a forcible entry into their fields. Being fatherless, they have none to redress their wrongs, and, being in their childhood, they do not so much as apprehend the wrong that is done them. Sense of honour, and much more the fear of God, would restrain men from offering injury to children, especially fatherless children.

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