A Birth Father Reaches Out to His Lost Daughter

Adoptees Will Never Forget Their Birth Dads

Adoptees Will Never Forget Their Birth Dads

While digging through my files yesterday, I found this poem by a birth father. I’d like to contact him for permission, but don’t have the correct information.
I thought we all might benefit from hearing this. Let me know your thoughts?

Just because your mother and I are not together,
doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

After all this time we still have one thing in common,
you’re something special she and I share.

For I fled like a coward into the night,
with awesome fear and without hesitation.

The day arrived when I realized,
that I had made a made dash from being a man.

I wonder who my birth father is. Does he ever think about me?

I wonder who my birth father is. Does he ever think about me?

Here I was at the throne room of your heart,
asking you, my daughter, to forgive me if you can.

I held you in my arms at a few months old,
and to find out now you’re a lady.

Time has passed so fast my dear,
as many voids now seem shady.

Now to find you my sweet,
comes as great surprise.

It’s different now praying before I go to sleep,
than to lay my head down and close my eyes.




  • It would be nice to experience the possibility that my birth father might feel this way. My birth mother rejected me again and refuses to give me and my sister any information about our birth fathers. So selfish. Even through the fear of another rejection, I would certainly try to contact him.

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