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An Open Letter to Birth Moms from Unborn Children

Dear birth mom, I know you didn’t plan me and you are living through a crisis, but will you please take care of yourself? You see, I can tell whether you love me or not. I will have my first conversation ever with you in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Please love me sacrificially, even if you’ve chosen not

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Amazing Research News For Birth Mothers and Adoptees

Thanks to science, we now have a deeper glimpse into our Creator’s heart that cherish’s birth mothers and their sacrificial gift in adoption….and for the child that is adopted. We all know from Dr. Thomas Verny in The Secret Life of the Unborn Child that: ~the birth mother’s heartbeat and warmth of her body makes the baby feel safe ~the

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Forgiveness A Command, Reconciliation An Option?

The longer I walk this journey called adoption, the stronger my belief is that the key–the whole key–to being healthy and thriving, to having a cup brimming over with joy, is to learn to forgive. How I wish I would have known some of the things I’ve learned lately about forgiveness and reconciliation. In Dr. Henry Townsend’s book Forgiving the

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