What If Your Adoption Glass Is Half Empty?

If our adoption glass is half empty, we’ll be growing something in our hearts that is downright malicious. Something unseen and destructive. Something that keeps us from growing and moving toward maturity. Something that keeps us looking at life in a distorted way.

We will fight for our rights to be heard and even become somewhat militaristic. We will make loss our focus and all the while, we will be growing a deep root of bitterness inside, resulting in anger, rage, depression, guilt, and self-loathing. Not a pretty picture or healthy life.


I propose becoming “fair and balanced.” Of course there is loss involved in adoption, but for every loss, there is a gain. The deepest losses should produce the highest gains.

Just for fun, trying reversing the loss issues in your life and see if you can make a list of gains.

You may be pleasantly surprised when you’re done!

And, how I would love it if you shared some gains here (black box way down after verbiage).


Is Your Adoption Glass Half Empty or Half Full?


If you were to appraise your perspective on adoption in general, would your cup be half empty or half full?
We’ve done such a good job in the adoption community defining the primal wound, the profound wound, the hard place, the trauma…but do we need to stay there?
It seems to me that the adoption community at large is at the half empty place and quite content to be there.
After all, it does feel good to have our wounds validated. At least we know we’re not crazy!
But are we to stay stuck in that place of woundedness forever?
From all I’ve been learning researching my upcoming book, the answer to that question is an absolute “no!” We are not meant to stay half empty. We are to move on.
The wound is the dark night of the soul, the rite of passage, that we must go through to reach maturity…and we all want that.
Where are you?
Is your glass half empty or full?
Share your thoughts here, okay?
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