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La Historia de Moises

DSCN0016La madre de Moisés, Jochebed, siente sus primeros dolores de parto una tarde. Al llegar el atardecer nació un hermoso niño.
Era una experiencia dulce y amarga al mismo tiempo para ella, porque la muerte estaba asediando en su puerta.
El Faraón, el malvado rey de Egipto, desesperado para no dejar a los israelitas florecer y al final quitarle su trono, emitió un edicto. Ordeno a las parteras israelitas matar a todos los niños varones israelitas recién nacidos.
Sin embargo, las parteras por respeto y amor a Dios, hicieron lo contrario. Ellas dieron la bienvenida al mundo a los niños y los pusieron tiernamente en los pechos de sus madres.
Cuando el Faraón supo que las parteras estaban dejando vivir a los niños israelitas, se enfureció y ordeno que todos los bebes varones deberían ser ahogados en el Rió Nilo.
En el momento en que Jochebed empezó a amamantar al bebé su corazón empezó a latir fuertemente, porque ella escucho a los soldados egipcios pasar frente de su casa. ¿Qué debía hacer para que el bebe no llorara? Si los soldados lo escuchaban romperían la puerta y matarían al bebé inmediatamente.
Si solamente Amran estuviera en casa. El sabría que hacer. Pero él fue sometido a la esclavitud en el palacio de El Faraón trabajando como albañil. Que tristeza para él no estar presente en el nacimiento de su hijo.
Sabiendo que los soldados acechando afuera podían robar su bebe en cualquier momento, Jachebed rezó: Dios, por favor enséñame como voy a salvar la vida de mi bebe.” 1
Mientras que rezo, la idea vino a su mente de ponerlo adentro de una cesta protegido. “!SI!” ella dijo a Dios con sus brazos extendidos. “Esto es que voy hacer cuando llegue el momento.”
“Cuando ya no pudo seguir ocultándolo, preparó una cesta de papiro, sellándola con brea y alquitrán, colocó adentro al niño y fue a dejar la cesta entre los juncos que había a la orilla del Nilo” (3-4).
La hermana de Moisés, Miriam, quedó a cierta distancia para ver qué pasaría con él.
Al mismo tiempo, la hija de El Faraón, Hatshepsut fue al Rió Nilo para bañase y escuchó el llanto frenético de un bebe. “De pronto la hija del faraón vio la cesta entre los juncos, y ordenó a una de sus esclavas que fuera por ella. Cuando la hija del faraón abrió la cesta y vio allí adentro un niño que lloraba, le tuvo compasión” (v. 3-4).
1. La raíz de la palabra “llorar” (v. 6) es verter lágrimas, hacer duelo o sentimiento por alguna cosa, lamentar mucho y amargamente. ¿Porque piensas que Moisés estaba llorando?
2. ¿Piensas que un bebe tan chico puede recordar algo? ¿Porque si o porque no?
3. ¿Como piensas que Moisés se sintió dentro de la canasta?
4. ¿Porqué piensas qué la hija de El Faraón sintió compasión por Moisés? ¿Crees que por eso lo adopto?
5. ¿Cómo piensas que Jochebed se sintió cuando puso a su amado bebe en el Río Nilo infestado de cocodrilos?

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What Others Are Saying About Forever Fingerprints Book

Fingerprinting with newborn at Parker Hospital
Fingerprinting with newborn at Parker Hospital
How fun, as we anticipate the shiny new books coming from the printer, to receive endorsements from wonderful people. Since I’m doing radio with Rebecca Swan Vahle today on Family to Family, I thought you might enjoy what she says about Forever Fingerprints:

Mom holds newborn as they print her fingerprints in the book

Forever Fingerprints is my all-time favorite adoption book! It not only gives adoptive families a concrete way to talk to their kids about adoption, it also helps the child acknowledge and understand their forever connection to their birth parents. As an Adoption Liaison in the Parker Hospital BirthPlace, every adoption placement is honored with the use of the Forever Fingerprints book. Fingerprints in the front cover from both Mother and Child – and sometimes from Dad, mark the precious connection between these people that should be embraced and honored.

Pre-Order Now!
Pre-Order Now!

Rebecca Vahle, Founder and Adoption Liaison
Family to Family Adoption Support Program
Parker Adventist Hospital
Parker, CO

Pre-Order Here:

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This Savvy Adoptive Mama Isn’t Shakin’ In Her Boots!

Henley.vick's granddaughterSee this little chickie?

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

She’s happy as can be because her mama knows what kinds of feelings and thoughts are floating around in that precious little mind. Her mama is savvy because she’s read every adoption book she can get her hands on.

She knows the right time and place for conversations and looks for real-life situations to teach her daughter adoption truths about her sweet little self.

Mama comes back, she always comes back, she never will forget me.
Mama comes back, she always comes back, she never will forget me.

You Can Be Comfortable “Talking Adoption” With Your Children

Many adoptive parents gulp when thinking about how to tell their children about their birth and adoption. It doesn’t matter if your adoption is domestic, infant, foster/adopt, international, bi-racial, bi-cultural, all parents get butterflies about some aspects of the child’s history.

When and how do we tell?
Should I share the painful parts?
What are some tips to help me share?

The First Thing to Remember

Start talking adoption on day one! No matter what the age of your child, “We are so lucky to get to adopt you. We will never leave you and love you, love you forever.”

These and many other questions are answered in story form in Forever Fingerprints…An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children (release date October 21, 2014).

You can pre-order here at a discounted price!

Here is a DVD that may help you also: Talking Adoption With Your Kids

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Hello Russian Friends Through Adoption!

Sometimes, when looking at the demographics and stats of this blog, I get overwhelmed at the reach Word Press provides. Today, Russia lit up on my screen!

It took me back to the time last year when five Russian adoption social workers, sponsored by our local Kiwanis, visited Fishers, Indiana.

Speaking to Russian social workers at Heartland Church Indy
Speaking to Russian social workers at Heartland Church Indy

Pastor Darryn Schescke invited me to share with them at our church–Heartland Church, Fishers, Indiana.

Danielle, a teen adoptee, and her mom, Shelley, went to the Russian bakery here and provided yummy goodies, which we hoped would make them feel at home.

One of my fav teen adoptees...Danielle
One of my fav teen adoptees…Danielle

The kind administrator at the International School in Indianapolis translated my power point.

Deborah Rainey Petrik jumped in and shared her incredible adoption story, with such passion.

Pastor Darryn gave a tour of Heartland’s Children’s area just before they left.

It was so wonderful for all of us to meet them!

I can’t find their business cards, but I’m wondering if one of them has found mine.

Anyway, so glad to be reminded of the warm memories of being with you.

Please stay in touch!

I love seeing you light up my blog!

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Who Is Jesus, Anyway?

Thirty years ago I was “dragged” to a Bible study class and took my 2-year-old daughter with me. I checked her into the children’s program and then entered an auditorium filled with women. Up front was a woman talking about how you could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I thought the people were all weird, and I determined never to step foot in that place again.

Later at lunch, when I asked my daughter how her morning went, she innocently said, “Mommy, who is Jesus anyway?” She had heard about Him in her class.

I saw his picture in our daughter's Sunday School room, but....
I saw his picture in our daughter’s Sunday School room, but….

I knew His picture was on the Sunday school room walls and that they talked about Him in church, but I did not know who He was. I told my daughter I did not know but that we would find out together.

About a year later I was facing major surgery and was absolutely petrified. I took my Bible with me to the hospital and happened to open it to Romans 5:3-5: “We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” That was my turning point.

After that, a deep hunger for God’s word developed. I could not get enough of it. It was so applicable to my life!

Now that my two daughters are grown and married with children of their own, my walk with Jesus is just as exciting. Every morning I wake up and say: “Lord, what are we going to do today? I know that I am nothing without You.”

I love God so much and know that He loves me more than I could ever imagine. I thank Him that when He saw me at my worst, He loved me the most. How amazing to think that He would rather die than not have a personal relationship with me. Now that is love!

I praise God for the verse that says, “A child shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6). That is what God did when my daughter once asked, “Mommy, who is Jesus?”

Would you like to know this wonderful Jesus, who loves you dearly? If you were the only person on earth, He would have come and died just for you. He desires a personal relationship with you.

How can this happen? It is very simple. The first step in establishing a personal relationship with God is to accept His Son, Jesus as your Savior and Lord. You can do so by admitting your sin, believing that Jesus died and rose again, and asking God’s forgiveness.

“God, I want to be your child. I know I am a sinner and have displeased you. Thank you for sending Jesus to die for my sin. I believe through Jesus’s death and resurrection I can be forgiven. I want to turn from my sin and follow you. Give me a childlike faith in you. Amen.

(Published first in Parent Life Magazine, March 2003.)