Hello Russian Friends Through Adoption!

Sometimes, when looking at the demographics and stats of this blog, I get overwhelmed at the reach Word Press provides. Today, Russia lit up on my screen!

It took me back to the time last year when five Russian adoption social workers, sponsored by our local Kiwanis, visited Fishers, Indiana.

Speaking to Russian social workers at Heartland Church Indy

Speaking to Russian social workers at Heartland Church Indy

Pastor Darryn Schescke invited me to share with them at our church–Heartland Church, Fishers, Indiana.

Danielle, a teen adoptee, and her mom, Shelley, went to the Russian bakery here and provided yummy goodies, which we hoped would make them feel at home.

One of my fav teen adoptees...Danielle

One of my fav teen adoptees…Danielle

The kind administrator at the International School in Indianapolis translated my power point.

Deborah Rainey Petrik jumped in and shared her incredible adoption story, with such passion.

Pastor Darryn gave a tour of Heartland’s Children’s area just before they left.

It was so wonderful for all of us to meet them!

I can’t find their business cards, but I’m wondering if one of them has found mine.

Anyway, so glad to be reminded of the warm memories of being with you.

Please stay in touch!

I love seeing you light up my blog!