Adopted Kids Learn What They Live

If adopted kids live with secrecy, they might obsess about the unknown.

If adopted kids live with parental denial of their mixed feelings about adoption, they will learn to suffer silently.

If adopted kids live with silence about their birth and birth family, they wonder if something is inherently wrong with them.

If adopted kids live with unresolved adoption grief, they learn that thriving is impossible.

If adopted kids live only hearing their adoption story,  they learn to think of themselves as aliens, with no beginnings.

If adopted kids live with parental neediness, they’ll learn to shut down emotionally and take care of the parent.

If adopted kids live doing life chores with parents, they will learn that they belong.

If adopted kids live going to traditional therapy, they’ll learn to resist.

If adopted kids live with parents who offer second chances vs punishment for mistakes, they’ll learn the reality of grace.

It adopted kids learn that God created them for a special purpose in history, they’ll look beyond broken life narratives to the big picture of life in God’s kingdom.

If adopted kids learn God’s opinion of them, they’ll learn permanent self-worth.

If adopted kids are rejected after re-uniting with birth relatives, they will learn about the unspeakable comfort of God.

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Published by Sherrie Eldridge, Adoption Author

Have you ever heard these words from an adoptee or foster kid—“You just don’t get it.” Many adoptive and foster parents haven’t been told that they see life and adoption differently than their kids. As a result, they must learn how to enter their child’s world. As an adopted person, my passion is to help you see adoption through the eyes of your children. Be sure and follow me (top right) for new blog posts!

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