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Who Am I? Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Help Kids With Identity Issues

As an adoptee or fostered kid, who do you identify with? The adoptive/foster parents or birth family? It can be very confusing. The answer to this identity crisis can be solved by looking up and seeing oneself through God’s eyes.

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My Christmas Gift for You!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have trouble waiting for the proper time to give gifts. I just can’t wait. That’s how I feel about my gift to you this Christmas. I made this with you in mind. I thought you might enjoy as you draw closer to God, not only during the Christmas season, but in every season

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One Adoptee’s Grief Dolly

An Adoptee’s Grief Dolly

There are many ways to deal with grief, and it shows up most during the holiday season. Is it possible to be happy if you are grieving? If you shove everything aside that remind you of your loss, will you be able to forget it? Sherrie made a wonderful discovery about grief and loss this year.

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