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What Do Hairstyles Have to Do with Adoption?

As soon as I returned home from my adoption reunion with birth mother Elizabeth, she told me on no uncertain terms that she wanted no more contact. She proceeded to tell me she’d had her hair cut to a one inch length, like mine. Say, what? What was she really saying, and how did adopted me respond?

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Preparing Adopted and Foster Kids for Family Holiday Gatherings

Isolation Might Be Choice of Adopted and Foster Kids in Social Situations

There’s nothing much more shocking than walking into a room of family members who snub you. Well, not only snub you, but act like they don’t know you’re there. I still remember when Bob and I attended the funeral of my beloved birth uncle Dave Clark, who stood up for me against a mentally-deranged and abusive birth mother…to his death.

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Adopted and Foster Kids Can Survive Winters

With romanticized societal views about adoption and foster care, it is difficult to put a positive spin on your experience when you are in a winter of your life. There is something very special about living through the winter of one’s life touched by adoption and foster care, though. Let Sherrie share it with you?

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