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Why Adoptive and Foster Parents Must Resist Over-the-Top Giving

“Just get whatever you want.” Many of us believe this communicates love to adopted and foster children. As Sherrie Eldridge wrote this post, she identified a new area of overindulgence in her own life. Find out what overgiving really communicates to your child and the three forms of overgiving.

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What If Our Adoptive or Foster Dad Dies?

When death of adoptive or foster parent is emminent, adoptee or fostered person fears being an orphan once more. That fear can be quenched by turning to God.

One of the greatest fears of adopted and foster children, no matter their age, is losing the adoptive parent or foster parent. After all, when they are all gone, the adopted or fostered child will experience once again what it feels like to be an orphan. It is a dreaded place. So, how can that be handled and be an opportunity for growth? Learning about “the gaze” will be a great comfort and reality.

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