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Family Devotions and Crafts for Easter Week

This photo is of the breastplate of the high priest of Israel. How can adoptive and foster parents make Easter meaningful as a family. Follow Sherrie's devotions and craft ideas this week.

It’s a challenge for Christians at Easter and Holy week to help children, especially younger ones, understand why Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. Use these short devotions from Sherrie to make this week meaningful spiritually for your family.

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An Effective Writing Project for Shut-Down Adoptees and Foster Kids

This photo of hands writing in tablet depict an adopted or foster child engaging in a writing project to help them start talking, whereas before, they were shut down.

Write your story” is what’s trendy now in adoption circles amongst adoptees. YIKES…I can’t do that. I’ve written seven books, some which tell the circumstances of my story,  but my voice…it’s missing. Last night I lay in bed, panicked about not being able to find my voice. Where is my voice? How can I find the voice of the baby,

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