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The Double-Whammy of One Adoptee

This photo of two mittens can be illustrative of two areas of life that run parallel and that hurt. What can one do to find comfort? Sherrie shares what she learned from a teen in a wheelchair that was life changing.

Sometimes, life throws a double-whammy at us. Something that brings new limitations and a feeling of being totally out of control. Sherrie shares two parts of her life that run parallel, that she calls her double-whammy. Learn the incredible lesson she learned from a young man in a wheel chair.

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What Does God Say About Adoption Reunions?

Photo of young man pulling suitcase and walking down country road is symbolic of adoptees and foster kids' desire to search for lost birth relatives. The traveler here is pulling a suitcase full of something that will keep him crippled with fear. Sherrie shows how to let go of the suitcase and run forward.

Almost every adoptee or foster child has a desire to search for lost birth relatives. However, the battle in fulfilling this desire is guilt–false guilt. Sherrie Eldridge offers something that will chase away the guilt…you will be surprised to see how she learned this in her own journey.

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