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What Fuels Birth Family Searches for Adoptees and Foster Kids?

Adoptees and Foster Kids Have Inherent Curiosity

Finding clues about birth family history sends me on an adrenaline high. I love being a sleuth and solving adoption mysteries. Just my first name–Baby X–makes me curious! Clues come in the most unexpected times and ways, oftentimes through the least likely people and circumstances. As I have turned over every stone possible to find my heritage, I have discovered

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Would Adoptees and Foster Kids Say Yes to This?

This photo of a young woman looking pensive illustrates how adoptees and foster kids might be perplexed about their painful past. Sherrie offers a fresh perspective on suffering and choice.

Lately, I find myself asking, “If you knew before you were born, would you have signed up for the life you’re living? Would I have signed up for: Being an unplanned baby, called Baby X Not being able to see my birth mother’s face from birth until reunion at 47 years old Feeling ill at ease in any family or

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Parents Can Bypass Shame When Explaining Adoption Relinquishment

This photo of a child with a deer illustrates the world of the adopted and fostered child. Parents struggle big time to enter their child’s world when explaining relinquishment. Sherrie teaches how to communicate love vs. shame.

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