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Do you Want to Heal from Adoption Wounds? Here’s How.

Why Those Touched By Adoption Need One Another

Being a Lone Ranger doesn’t bring healing for those touched by adoption. When we are grieving deeply, we can’t see and even don’t want to see the pain of others. Pain twists our perspective. Sherrie Eldridge has been there and gives reason why striving for humble healing is essential…in the company of all that have been touched by adoption, whether first parents, adoptive/foster parents, or adoptees.

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Where I Found My Missing Adoptee Face

This photo depicts our journey throughout Israel. Many game-changer events had already happened. Another hint was about to be revealed.

Being adopted is a life of adventure, constantly unfolding. My perspective doesn’t dismiss the pain, but sees it not as an enemy, but as a catalyst for growth and redemption. Most who have lost their first family would agree that we are forever searching for their missing faces. But, could there be an additional dimension of this dynamic of finding

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