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Dude..No Need To Feel Guilty For Thoughts About Your Birth Mom

What If I Tell My Thoughts to My Parents? I don't want to hurt them, but in reality. I miss my birth mom so much. What can I do with these thoughts about her?

Just think about how intimately we were united with the woman who gave us birth! What a connection we had for at least nine months. An inseparable bond. As inseparable as tea from hot water. As inseparable as a bud from the stem of a flower. As inseparable as the ocean from the sand.

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Are Adoptive and Foster Moms Supposed to Bite the Bullet with Kid Anger?

Can Angry Adoptees Not Learn to Think of Others?

As an adopted person, I wish my mom would have let me know the truth about hurting her with my anger instead of  just biting the bullet and swallowing hard until the next rage. How are we kids to learn what anger costs those who love us? In some ways, just ignoring the anger spree without telling how it affects

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