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What Can Adoptive and Foster Mamas Do When Rejected?

What Can Adoptive And Foster Mamas Do When They Can See No Results?

As an adopted person, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be rejected by your children. I believe foster and adoptive moms are some of the bravest people I’ve ever met because most of the time, their efforts and love are not received. What should moms do? This is one major step that will keep them from going under emotionally. They can trust that the love they are showing is being remembered somewhere by that defiant child.

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How Will Your Adopted or Foster Child Remember You?

I Hope That Someday My Child Will Have Loving Thoughts About Me

As her child, in the deep loss, I would have loved to have a timeless memory that she’d created for me. Something I could hold in my hands and remember the values and beliefs she held dear.

I’m sure she wondered with an attachment disordered kid what I would say about her effectiveness in parenting. Would I ever say she was a loving mom? 

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Is Reactive Attachment Disorder A Lifetime Sentence for Adoptees and Foster Kids?

Get Rid of False Guilt

This young man represents all the adopted and foster kids, teens, and adults who have been diagnosed with RAD. It is not his fault that he was removed from the care of his first family and placed in the care of other parents who were insecure in their ability to nurture such a child. Sherrie does a rant and then reminds fellow sufferers of a truth that will anchor them for life.

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