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Anticipating Adoption Reunion With My Birth Sister

Sherrie's Bio

I still remember landing in Reno and driving at night to meet him. He was extremely ill, but he rose to the occasion and we had a blast with him, his son, and daugher in law. We talked daily and he always ended the conversation, “I love you with all my heart, sis.” He died unexpectedly before we could meet again.

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How Adoptive and Foster Mamas Can Discover Their Legacy

Where Is Your Legacy, Adoptive and Foster Mamas?

For, YOU, dear one, are the gift, the heirloom to the next generation.

Yes, every single inch of you that lives the daily grind is part and parcel of your legacy. Your strengths and weaknesses, your challenges and failures, your dreams and goals.

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Do Adoptees and Foster Kids Have A Right to Be Angry?

The Unwanted Adversarial Relationship

Hell, yes, we’re angry. Excuse my French…I’m just a veteran adoptee, finally free from adoptee anger’s choking grip, and ready to hunt bear. As you might have surmised from the opening statement, this will not be a feel-good read. No warm fuzzies or heart-shaped emojis. No steaming bedtime tea and cookies. This is a wake-up, hope-drenched, revolutionary strategy for healing

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