What May Happen When Adoptees Practice Self-Care

Lessons from My Prayer Plant

So, I pulled the poor thing out of the pot, setting it on a nearby wagon. It seemed there was no hope, but it seemed worth a try.

That evening, it rained like crazy and the next morning I went out to see the plant, thinking it was totally wiped out by the heavy rains.

But, no! it’s leaves were popping up to the sky again.
I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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What the MRI of My Adoptee Heart Showed

What Happens When Circumstances Paint You Into A Corner

Sherrie couldn’t figure out why life’s circumstance felt like she was being painted into a corner. As a control freak, this was incredibly distressing. What she didn’t realize is that she was at the threshold of healing. A MRI of her adoptee heart clarified the diagnosis.

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Celebrating the Scab Over Verrier’s Primal Wound

Can Adoptees Heal from the Primal Wound?

Celebrating the Scab Over Verrier’s Primal Wound. Is it really possible for adopted, fostered, or step children to heal from such a profound wound? In order to know the answer, we must study what healing looks like here.

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