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Receiving Congressional Angel in Adoption Award

For well over two decades, Sherrie Eldridge has offered her unique voice within the adoption community, as an established author and international speaker. An adoptee herself, Eldridge has the ability to see life through the eyes of an adopted child. In her seven published titles, she has shared her passion for validating adoptees’ life experiences and her desire to help adoptive parents better understand and meet their adopted children’s emotional needs.

Her best-selling work, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, is considered required reading by many US adoption agencies. In 2010, she was named Indiana’s Congressional Angel of Adoption by the Honorable Dan Burton, Indiana Congressional Representative. Eldridge is widely recognized and respected as a compassionate advocate for adoptees, cultivating understanding about adoption’s challenges and opportunities for all those whose lives have been touched by it.

Sherrie has written another children’s book which will be published by Marcison Press.

Here is the cover for Little Branch. The children’s book will be released March 1, 2019 by Marcinson Press. Beautiful illustrations by Joani Rothenberg.






  • Sherrie, your book was my lifeline! I started an orphanage in Bolivia and ended up adopting 11 of the several hundred children that I cared for. Your book helped me to understand what I was dealing with and give my kids the best care and understanding I could!

  • Love the look of this page.:-) After reading what you posted, perhaps my manuscript that I sent you (Bonded at Birth) will be the first book you complete reading. How about it? Up for a challenge?

    • Gloria, How I would love to have time to read your book. I am sure it is wonderful. Right now, I can’t promise anything….have three writing deadlines looming (Thankful for them, though!)

  • As a Christian, I value and respect the Holy Bible. As an adoptive parent, I consider, “Twenty Things Every Adopted Kid Wished Their Adoptive Parents Knew”, the Bible of Adoption! If every court and social service entity provided this book to each new adoptive (prospective) parent, we would ALL sleep more nights, spend far less on therapy, and experience brighter days sooner, rather than later. It’s been said there is no “manual” on how to raise a child. However, after reading just a few chapters in “Twenty Things…”, I am convinced this book is indeed “The Manual” for successfully parenting an adopted child. Today, WE are incredibly thankful that you made the CHOICE to share your life with the world in such an open, candid way. I see my daughter in you. If you can make it…so will she…so will WE! Thank you for being YOU. My heartfelt gratitude. -Angela

  • Your writings always strike a profound chord in me. I’m so thankful that I’ve found you as an author and person on Facebook. You’ve spoken life into my life and helped me along as a supporter for my son. Keep writing!

  • Sherrie, love, love, love the new look…very nice 🙂

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