“I love working in the field of adoption and highly respect everyone’s journey through it. Being adopted hurts, but if we work hard at recovery, we can discover beauty…and the beauty is you and me.”

Best-Selling Author

There must have been an overarching plan and purpose in place when author, Sherrie Eldridge, was born! Life didn’t look promising. Eldridge says, “I was an unplanned, unwanted, un-named, untouched newborn baby girl. Physicians diagnosed me as failure-to-thrive. My brain and body were severely damaged by my first mother’s in-utero rejection and post-birth abandonment. The trauma message embedded in my brain was, ‘”Who could ever love you?”

’Who would have predicted at that young age that Baby X would become a best-selling author and international speaker?  From adoption at ten days of age, she spent time with orphans from the county Children’s Home that her adoptive grandmother managed. It was there that she interacted with homeless kids of all colors, shapes, and backgrounds, and it was there that she received onsight training for her future career in the field of adoption. 

Eldridge sees herself as an adoptee whisperer, coaching adoptive and foster parents how to gently approach their traumatized children and develop intimacy. Sherrie has written a total of nine books.

The focus is to lead adoptees to a sense of true self-worth, self-worth that is irreplaceable and unshakeable–truth that comes only from seeing oneself through God’s eyes.

Her first book, TWENTY THINGS ADOPTED KIDS WISH THEIR ADOPTIVE PARENTS KNEW (Random House, 1999), has been translated into French, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. In 2021,it became available in audio format. 20 THINGS ADOPTIVE PARENTS NEED TO SUCCEED (Random House) was published in audio in 2021 and in 2022, TWENTY THINGS ADOPTED KIDS WISH…A Daily Devotional for Adoptive and Birth Parents became available. Sherrie has written a total of nine books. Her speaking has ranged from Target Corporation to orphanage workers, government officials, and university professors in Beijing.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Trained as a Stephens minister.
  •  Founded a non-profit organization called Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network in 1999.
  •  Published a Biblically-based adoption  newsletter (1995-1999).
  •  Graduated from IUPUI with a BA in General Studies 
  • Awarded by Indiana’s Honorable Dan Burton as a Congressional Angel in Adoption. 
  • Awarded the Next Century Award by North Carolina’s Children’s Home.



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