Adoptee and Foster Kid Cry Prints Speak Volumes

“A baby’s cry ensures the survival of the infant and promotes the development of the parent.

It’s a two-way communication system, designed to get infants whatever they need to thrive and teach parents how to interpret the baby’s language.

Each baby’s signal is unique.

Voice researchers call these unique sounds ‘cry prints,’ which are as unique as fingerprints.”

Excerpt: William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N. in PARENTING THE FUSSY BABY AND HIGH NEEDS CHILD.

In the short Biblical adoption account of when Moses was put into the covered basket in the Nile-infested river, the author records…”he was crying.” This is a description of Moses’ emotional state.

Most people who interpret these words just gloss over them.

However, the Hebrew word for “crying” is “bakah,” which means bewail, mourn, sob, weep continually, weep bitterly.

Remember, parents, you can’t fix us, but you can mirror us.