Adoptee Mixed Feelings and Thanksgiving

There’s a certain, undefinable sadness that hovers over the heart of an adoptee that is aging….at least this one. Memories of loss paint a melancholy, forboding, lifeless, un-iniviting landscape.
But today of all days, we should be thankful!
It’s Thanksgiving, after all.
Mixed feelings are running rampant inside of me!
Anybody out there identify?
I bet a few of my fellow adoptees can.
I thought those feelings were only for kids and teens? Surely not for sixty somethings.
As I perused a picture book of our six grandkids, I laughed out loud…amidst the mixed feelings.
Then, something quite miraculous happened.
Remember the landscape I described earlier?
It began to change. Bright colors appeared. Vibrant, filled with life and light.
Yes, as an adoptee, I do experience loss, yes adoption is a life long journey (darn), but I also experience life….lots of it.
For that life in so many forms, I am thankful today.
Have a wonderful day….and go ahead, eat too much! I’m going to!
Love to each and every one of you!
Write and tell me if you have mixed feelings so I won’t feel like the only weirdo on the planet? Form is below:-)