Making a fingerprint craft is such fun for Adopted and foster kids….and proves insightful for their parents.

Let me tell you about a little boy, probably nine years old, that came to a book reading at a bookstore. I read my children’s book–Forever Fingerprints, to the children and then asked them to make a picture of their perception of adoption with magic  markers and fingerprints. The boy I’m telling you about made his picture and when his parents looked at at it, their eyes flooded with tears. They had a new awareness of what their son perceived about his adoption. It was incredibly cool.

new book cover.2014


Fingerprint events can be done during adoption awareness month at:

…Bookstores, like Barnes and Noble


….Adoption teas

…Churches or Synagogues


There is another use for the children’s book that has been so incredible. It is used across United States by the Family to Family Support Network to make a keepsake for a newborn and family.

Here is a photo of the first baby, Hannah, whose parents used the ceremony and book in a hospital setting. Prints of parents and child, and whoever else you want to invite, make the book a keepsake for years to come. Hannah’s thoughtful parents made a copy of her fingerprints for me and gave it to me at a book reading in Denver. You can see from the photo with her that fellow-adoptee bonds transcend age! We adoptees need and love one another!
Mom holds newborn as they print her fingerprints in the book







Parenting Tip: Have your child and family make a fingerprint design every November, which is Adoption Awareness Month. Keep your child’s creations every year in his/her lifebook…and when he/she becomes a teen or young adult, you will be able to look back and see how far your child has come in understanding and accepting his/her adoption.

Adoption Awareness Events
Cover photo for magazine--Adoptive Families TodaySuggested Materials:
Colored markers
Ink pads in several colors
Special paper
Consider these places to spread awareness:
Sunday school classes

For Orphanage Adoptions:
You may opt to have the ceremony after you get home. Give the child a chance to get acquainted with his/her new surroundings and then invited close family members. Everyone can put a fingerprint on the book! Remember to carry an infant in a carrier with his/her face toward you, not toward others. That helps attachment!


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