One Adoptee’s 69th Birthday Reflections

Surprise blessings come when from the Gift-Giver Himself.
Surprise blessings come when least expected.

“Look!” the people around the campfire called out, pointing to the cypress trees that lined the famous Monterrey, California grill.

Suddenly, a bagpiper came out of the woods, playing a melancholy tune.
She wore authentic bagpiper regalia, walking through the field toward us.

It was a special touch to an evening that we didn’t think could be any better.

That’s the way I look at my life touched by adoption, today on my 69th birthday. I am grateful that God has given me these years and been with me every step of the way, comforting, guiding, teaching, nurturing.

Like many who thank their birth mothers for life, I thank her for the gift of birth. However, the One responsible for creating and sustaining my life is Father God himself.

Just when I think life couldn’t be any better, he surprises me with things like:

-a real, forgiving attitude toward my birth mother

-showing me the flip side of the profound wound

-dismantling misplaced anger and learning the innate beauty of anger

-a life that is chocked full of passion and purpose

Seeing the bagpiper at Monterrey Bay was fabulous. I will never forget it, as I will never forget the God who constantly reminds me in surprising ways that I am his idea.

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