This research about birth mother and child connection will blow your mind! It did mine, anyway.
This research will blow your mind! It did mine, anyway.

Thanks to science, we now have a deeper glimpse into our Creator’s heart that cherish’s birth mothers and their sacrificial gift in adoption….and for the child that is adopted.

We all know from Dr. Thomas Verny in The Secret Life of the Unborn Child that:
~the birth mother’s heartbeat and warmth of her body makes the baby feel safe
~the birth mother’s emotional tone sets the child’s emotional landscape while in utero
~the unborn child knows whether he is wanted by the birth mother
~the unborn baby has her first conversation with her birth mother during the last trimester of pregnancy

Yes, the above facts are amazing…but now, listen to this:

V.K. Gadi, associate professor at the University of Washington says that, “Doctors have known for years that mothers and babies exchange blood during pregnancy and childbirth.”
Birth mothers don’t totally lose their children. They actually carry them close.

Researchers are also finding that birth mothers carry some of their children’s cells for years or decades after pregnancy. Emerging research suggests that the cells left behind oftentimes act like stem cells, repairing current or future wounds in the mother.

How encouraging to this me to know that part of me helped heal part of my birth mother, Elizabeth. What a perfect example of our forever connection, made by God himself.

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