Ireland's First Adoption Author

An Adoptee’s Wish List


If only this could happen, the gaping wound in my adoptee soul would heal.
If only…
• I knew the names of my birth parents
• I could access my original birth certificate
• I could see my birth mother’s face
• I could know medical history
• I could find my missing birth father
• I could experience a successful reunion with my birth family
• I could find empathy and understanding from my adoptive family
• I could return to the orphanage where I spent most of my life
• I had the most nurturing, loving parents
• I didn’t have to wrestle with “who am I?”
• I didn’t have skin color different than my adoptive parents
• I weren’t adopted
• I didn’t experience abuse in my adoptive family
• I didn’t find out repeatedly that my birth mother/father didn’t keep their word to have special time with me
Even if all the hurts listed above were healed, even if we were the healthiest and most resilient of adoptees, even if we’d never experienced rejection, we’d still be saying, “What if?”
Our soul is shaped like a heart which only Jesus can fill.
Selah….pause and consider this.

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