Anticipating Adoption Reunion With My Birth Sister

Anticipating a reunion with my newly-found sister is interesting.

There is a calm, unlike any other reunions in my past.

For sure, this certainly isn’t my first rodeo!

In the past, I’ve experienced:

  • The death of a dream. After a fairy-tale reunion with my birth mother 20 years ago, I experienced total rejection. Fellow adoptees must know that this is common. Prior to reunion, I believed all my struggles would dissipate and that resting in my birth mom’s arms would be the epitome of bliss. What thankfully happened instead is that I found myself in the arms of Jesus, the One whose hands are embedded with my name. (Isa. 49:15-16)
  • Discovery of birth history. When I met my Uncle Dave, he delighted in me, at the expense of losing any closeness with his mean-spirited sister. He was like the Good Shepherd, who leaves the 99 to go after the one that is lost. Every morning I opened up his email message that said, “Top of the morning, Sherrie.”
  • Discovery of my brother, Jon. I still remember landing in Reno and driving at night to meet him. He was extremely ill, but he rose to the occasion and we had a blast with him, his son, and daugher in law. We talked daily and he always ended the conversation, “I love you with all my heart, sis.” He died unexpectedly before we could meet again.
  • Meeting my aunt. Even though my first mom was so mean, I decided that I shouldn’t let her feelings interfere with my possible relationship with her sister, who was dying of cancer. This sent my birth mother ballistic, but my aunt and I had a sweet meeting.

And, so, I enter yet another reunion with my sister Candy.

We are both incredibly excited about it.

I will keep you posted on social media.