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Adoptee and Foster Kid Cry Prints Speak Volumes

This baby’s cries are vital for developing connections between parent and child. You will be surprised at what the parental role is in this entire phenomena. Of course. adopted and foster babies have a cry that will reflect trauma…they may be daunting to listen to. Here’s how to begin.

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Please Don’t Read “Two Moms” Poem on Mother’s Day

This photo shows an adopted or foster teen who is dressed up for Mother’s Day. Inside, however, she is filled with mixed feelings. Sherrie Eldridge provides three suggestions for helping adoptees and foster kids, plus parents, cope with this unchangeable reality.

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How Can Adoptees and Foster Kids Know Who Is A Safe Person?

This photo shows an opening in a bush in the shape of the heart, which indicates the growth that can happen when adoptees and foster kids learn to share only with safe people.

When we adoptees and foster kids are hurting badly, we lack a lot of discernment about who to share our innermost thoughts with. This post teaches how to find safe people by looking at three characteristics that must be present to qualify a person as safe. This is also applicable to anyone who is hurting.

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