Before You Were Born

Start telling your adopted child this at a young age!
Start telling your adopted child this at a young age!

Before you were born,
God was there bringing you to life
and saying, “YES” to who you were
and all that you could be.
He put His arms around you even
before you knew your mother’s touch.
He cared for you as no one ever could.

He has been your closest friend
and constant companion–
listening to your cry, enjoying
your laughter, and encouraging you
to follow him. He has never shut you
out or made you feel ashamed.
He has comforted you and carried your burdens.

He has given you grace
undeserved and mercy that
has been new every morning.
He has been your God and Friend,
promising you a place with him,
in him house–forever. And, as
your Father, he has promised to be with
you through all of your life
with all of his love.

Copied with permission of Roy Lessin,
Best to You Catalog, Spring 1996 Jewel Among
Jewels Adoption News

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2 responses to “Before You Were Born”

  1. Sherrie Eldridge Avatar

    You’re welcome, Lori. I want my friends to meet you and know about your important work in the adoption field.

  2. Lori Lavender Luz Avatar

    Oh, yes. Everyone needs to know they were loved supremely and cared for from before birth and onward.

    Beautiful sentiment. Thanks for linking to Perfect Moment Mondays 🙂

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