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An Effective Writing Project for Shut-Down Adoptees and Foster Kids

This photo of hands writing in tablet depict an adopted or foster child engaging in a writing project to help them start talking, whereas before, they were shut down.

Write your story” is what’s trendy now in adoption circles amongst adoptees. YIKES…I can’t do that. I’ve written seven books, some which tell the circumstances of my story,  but my voice…it’s missing. Last night I lay in bed, panicked about not being able to find my voice. Where is my voice? How can I find the voice of the baby,

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A Gift Only Adoptees Can Give

This is a picture of a teen adoptee and an older adoptee hugging, showing that the problem of loneliness is healed when adoptees connect with one another.

It’s a gift adoptive parents can’t give, birth parents can’t give, or adoption professionals can’t give. Only other adoptees can give it to one another.

I’ll never forget sitting next to an adoptive mom at an adoption carnival where I was speaking. At the end of the day the time came for the children and teens to come on stage and show the parents an adoption art project they had been working on.

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What If Our Adoptive or Foster Dad Dies?

When death of adoptive or foster parent is emminent, adoptee or fostered person fears being an orphan once more. That fear can be quenched by turning to God.

One of the greatest fears of adopted and foster children, no matter their age, is losing the adoptive parent or foster parent. After all, when they are all gone, the adopted or fostered child will experience once again what it feels like to be an orphan. It is a dreaded place. So, how can that be handled and be an opportunity for growth? Learning about “the gaze” will be a great comfort and reality.

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My Christmas Gift for You!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have trouble waiting for the proper time to give gifts. I just can’t wait. That’s how I feel about my gift to you this Christmas. I made this with you in mind. I thought you might enjoy as you draw closer to God, not only during the Christmas season, but in every season

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One Adoptee’s Grief Dolly

An Adoptee’s Grief Dolly

There are many ways to deal with grief, and it shows up most during the holiday season. Is it possible to be happy if you are grieving? If you shove everything aside that remind you of your loss, will you be able to forget it? Sherrie made a wonderful discovery about grief and loss this year.

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What Do Hairstyles Have to Do with Adoption?

As soon as I returned home from my adoption reunion with birth mother Elizabeth, she told me on no uncertain terms that she wanted no more contact. She proceeded to tell me she’d had her hair cut to a one inch length, like mine. Say, what? What was she really saying, and how did adopted me respond?

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