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Dear Younger Me…the adopted or fostered me

Getting young or adolescent adoptees to hear truths about adoption is nearly impossible. It’s like they are deep beneath water and even though we scream so that they can hear, they often can’t. This letter is from an adoptee in her 7th decade to her unborn self. Perhaps fellow adoptees can find validation through Sherrie’s words and parents can make the letter age appropriate for their adopted and foster children.
A practical suggestion for parents of foster and adopted children may prove advantageous in delving deeper with your kiddos, teens, and adult children.

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How To Get Past Kid Defenses When “Talking Adoption”

Dear Parents, Sometimes your best-laid plans for talking adoption with your kids get sabotaged! Right? You’ve thought deeply about what to share/ask, determined the best time, and perhaps even rehearsed possible scenarios and outcomes. The pre-planned time arrives and you ask, “How about talking about adoption for a few minutes?” Many parents hear responses like these: • “Nope.” Child then

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What Others Are Saying About Forever Fingerprints Book

How fun, as we anticipate the shiny new books coming from the printer, to receive endorsements from wonderful people. Since I’m doing radio with Rebecca Swan Vahle today on Family to Family, I thought you might enjoy what she says about Forever Fingerprints: Forever Fingerprints is my all-time favorite adoption book! It not only gives adoptive families a concrete way

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