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Does the Bible Validate An Adoptee’s Primal Wound?

This picture shows a crying infant in a basket on the Nile River. It is Moses. Does anyone hear his cry? Learn a surprising answer to his cry.

With all the changing terminology and philosophy about what an adoptee experiences at relinquishment, author Sherrie Eldridge takes us to the core meaning of what it really means. She reviews expert opinions and then gives a Biblical clue you won’t want to miss.

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Who Is Jesus, Anyway?

Thirty years ago I was “dragged” to a Bible study class and took my 2-year-old daughter with me. I checked her into the children’s program and then entered an auditorium filled with women. Up front was a woman talking about how you could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I thought the people were all weird, and

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The Forgotten Father

Adoptees Are Silently Searching for Missing Birth Fathers In the majority of adoption literature, birth mothers are mentioned as the predominant loss for the adoptee. While interviewing more than 70 adoptees for a book, I learned that they think about their birth fathers as much as birth mothers. So why aren’t birth fathers honored? Why aren’t they mentioned? A father

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Waking Up from an “After-Death Experience”

All hope was gone. Professionals say that eight minutes of flat lining means death. My friend flat lined for ten. This morning, a month later, I stopped by to see her. Little by little, she is remembering what she saw, when dead and when alive. “Sherrie!” she said. “Do you know what the first word was that I said when

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Does God Still Raise the Dead?

I never dreamed I’d see the reality of resurrection in my lifetime! However, God raised one of my friends who flat lined for 10 minutes and brought her back to life. With her permission, I will share the story. No names….just glory to the One who raised her up and gave her back to her family and friends. Follow me,

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Can Adoptees Remember Early-Life Loss?

Moses’ life normalizes the adopted life. He blew it like many of us, yet went on to be one of the greatest leaders of all times. Also, God called him “friend.” Moses’ First Mom, Jochebed Jochebed felt her first labor pain late in the afternoon and by nightfall she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. It was a

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How Can Adoptees Know What Their Life Is Worth?

A single thread in a tapestry Though its color brightly shine Can never see its purpose In the pattern of the grand design. And the stone that sits on the very top Of the mountain’s mighty face, Does it think it’s more important Than the stones that form the base? So how can you know what your life is worth?

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