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How To Tell If You’ve Been Called to Parent Through Adoption or Foster Care

This image shows a son riding on his dad's back. It illustrates the need for adoptive and foster parents to celebrate adoption with their kids. Practical tips are offered here about ways to celebrate.

There aren’t enough positive things written about adoptive and foster parenting today. ..about the beauty of adoption. Yes, parents have an abundance of challenges, but at times, they need to reflect on how they became a family and celebrate. Sherrie Eldridge gives coaching tips on how to do this.

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Adoptees and Foster Kids MUST Honor Abusive Parents…Really?

The problem of abuse in adoptive and foster homes is a secret adoptees and foster kids think they must keep. Sherrie says just the opposite. Be bold and tell a safe person or group exactly what happened to you.

What is an adoptee or foster kid, teen, or adult to do if parents are abusive? Adoptee Sherrie Eldridge had been taught that she was to “honor” them. In her mind, that meant, keeping the secret. That lie was blasted open when a trusted counselor taught her the true meaning of “honoring” her parents.

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Understanding Causes of Unplanned Pregnancies in Adopted and Foster Teens

The problem of unplanned pregnancies amongst adopted and foster teens is rarely discussed. Sherrie Eldridge provides a thorough explanation of what might be going on in the teen's mind that leads them in this direction as well as tips for parents.

Why is it so common for adopted and foster teens and 20-Somethings to experience an unplanned pregnancy? You will be surprised as the author reveals her experience and what she has learned to share with adoptive and foster parents. Parents are given tips on how to cope with this challenge.

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How Being A Foster and Adoptive Parent Changed My Life, by Mike Berry

Adoptive and Foster Parents Struggle and Then Find Hope to Offer to Other Parents and Vulnerable Children

Mike Berry, author of this guest . blog post struggled when young with wanting to be famous in sports. The answer came, not in the way he dreamed, but in the fostering of 20 children and adoption of eight special needs kids. The solution for him was far more rewarding than being a legend. It was being a legacy to children from vulnerable places as well as their parents. He encourages through Confessions of An Adoptive Parent blog and book.

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The Burning Fear Adoptees and Foster Kids Find Impossible to Quench

This is an image of a woman hiding under the covers. She has deep adoption fears and this post shows how to deal with them.

This insidious fear lies in the basement of adopted and fostered kids heart, like mould. How can one deal with such a fear? Who could possibly have an answer that will quench the fear? Read on…

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Who Am I? Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Help Kids With Identity Issues

As an adoptee or fostered kid, who do you identify with? The adoptive/foster parents or birth family? It can be very confusing. The answer to this identity crisis can be solved by looking up and seeing oneself through God’s eyes.

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