How to Grieve Adoption Loss

Dear friends,
I just finished taping a radio show with Rebecca Vahle, Supervisor of the Family to Family Adoption Program of Denver’s Parker Hospital. Here’s what I promised listeners.
It’s a way to help your children work through unresolved grief and loss.
Shoot me a reply if you have questions!

How to Construct A Grief Box

1. Explain “Adoption Project”

2. Select a Box Large Enough to Contain Several Items

3. Make a List of What Makes You Feel Sad

4. Find Items that Represent Each Item on the “Sad List”

5. Remove Items One at a Time and Pour your Heart Out to Someone You Love.

6. Forgive: Ask God to Forgive You for All you’ve Done to Hurt Him and Others, and to Help You Forgive Others Who Have Hurt You
7. Choose to Give Thanks for Each Loss because God will make you stronger through it and help you to know Him better.

8. Place your box on a shelf until you experience another loss and then repeat the process.

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