What To Do When There's No Adoption Literature

Irish Adoptive Mom Writes Groundbreaking Book!

Dear friends…I am pleased to introduce you to Mari Galligher, an Irish adoptive mom. She is soooo brave. When you read about the current adoption atmosphere in Ireland, you will be amazed that she has broken silence in a country that doesn’t talk about adoption. Please welcome her, and give her a big hug. Love, Sherrie

After twenty years of adoptive parenthood, I give much thanks for lifesaving reading material that came my way over the years.

In Ireland,  parenting books on adoption do not exist, much silence and secrecy still shrouds the topic and even today as I write, adopted people campaign to get rightful access to their identifying information – information that under Irish law they are not allowed to see. 

So as an Irish adoptive parent, I relied on the generosity and talent of adoption writers such as Sherrie Eldridge, to guide me along the way.

Sherrie’s Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew was my handbook, particularly when it came to talking about adoption, a conversation I found the most challenging over the years.

Being adopted into a country thousands of miles from your birth home  – my son and daughter were born in Russia and Kazakhstan respectively –  adds another layer of sadness to the grief of separation. 

Having the conversation with my children over the years, taking it all one day at a time, grieving with them for the loss of their birth families, acknowledging how hard it must be and undertaking a search via an international searcher for vital birth information – all these have helped and both children, now young adults, have enough birth family details to undertake a reunion whenever they are ready.

 I’ve recorded it all – my longing for parenthood, the milestones, the ups and downs, the tears of joy and sorrow and now there is an adoption book on Irish bookshelves. 

My adoptive parenting book called Becoming a Mother: Reflections on Adoptive Parenting was published in 2018 by Orpen Press – the first book on adoptive parenthood on Irish bookshelves and is my story of being an adoptive parent – all that I have learned along the way.

Thank you Sherrie for the opportunity to write on your valuable, wonderful blog or as we say in Gaelic  “Go raibh mile maith agat”.

The link to Amazon Kindle US bookstore.


Mari’s site is: https://www.marigallaghertherapist.com/


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