Learning to Appreciate Tough Times

Since the nation is cooped up inside with COVID, it may be a great time for some introspection about how this tough time is teaching us profound lessons in our faith walk with Jesus.

As children of God, we are all in the process of being healed by the Great Physician, Jesus. His healing can be evidenced in newfound appreciation, as we learn to enjoy him and the life he has given us.

Webster’s defines “appreciation” as, “To be grateful for; to value highly; to place a high estimate on; to be fully aware of; to prize; to exercise wise judgment; delicate perception and keen insight into the worth of something.”

As I took time to look back over the last few years and identify the most hurtful experiences, there came a new desire to praise God for the trials. See if you identify with any of these statements, check the ones with which you most agree:

  • I didn’t appreciate the acceptance of Christ until I had been utterly rejected.
  • I didn’t appreciate his strength until I allowed myself to become weak.
  • I didn’t appreciate his loyalty until another betrayed me.
  • I didn’t appreciate his grace until I fell flat on my face.
  • I didn’t appreciate family living close by until they moved far away.
  • I didn’t appreciate the Lord’s trust in me until I knew the sting of persecution.
  • I didn’t appreciate the light of the Lord’s countenance until I sat in darkness.
  • I didn’t appreciate the healing balm of Gilead until I had been deeply wounded.
  • I didn’t appreciate the comforting shoulder of a friend until my heart was broken.
  • I didn’t appreciate the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit until I felt totally abandoned.
  • I didn’t appreciate intimacy with God until I spent time in the desert.
  • I didn’t appreciate the hope of heaven until I buried a loved one.
  • I didn’t appreciate Jesus as Lord until my life became unmanageable.
  • I didn’t appreciate Jesus as my Life until I came to the absolute end of my own resources.
  • I didn’t appreciate his omnipresence until everything familiar disappeared.
  • I didn’t appreciate his promise to come again until life around me became terrifying.

Friends, I am sure you can make your own list, which I’d sure encourage you to do.

I pray all is well with you and that you’re healthy and safe during this difficult time.


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