Passing on My Adoptive Mom's Traditions

One Adoptee Carries On Her Mom’s Christmas Eve Tradition

When I was a little girl, my Mom threw a big party after the Christmas Eve service at their church. It was as fancy as a little town can be, and Mom wore the same thing every year-a purple velvet dress. It was stunning and how I loved it on her. Of course, as a child, I didn’t realize what an impression that the purple dress made, but if you asked me today about a favorite Christmas memory, it would be mom in the lovely dress.

Adoptive moms have no idea of the memories of love they’re creating for their kids. They can’t even fathom, nor entertain the idea that THEY are a gift to their adopted children–their persona, their everyday activities, their faithfulness in remaining a mom with a non-abandoning heart.

So, when Christmas Eve comes, I think of Mom in the purple dress. I’ve purchased a purple velvet blazer to carry on her tradition. Even though she’s not here, the timeless memories she created live on inside me and hopefully to those who see me wear a purple velvet coat on Christmas Eve. I can tell them where the tradition began-in the heart of my beloved and much-missed Mom.

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