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How Often Do Adoptees Think About Their Birth Parents?

Do I Dare Tell My Parents This?

I have yet to meet an adoptee who can honestly claim to have never thought about his or her birth mother, especially on birthdays. In fact, a survey of more than 100 adoptees from the All-Adoptee Online group ( confirm that many think of their birth mothers daily. It’s no wonder. Just think about how intimately we were united with

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When You Write to Publish, Don’t Forget This!

Announcing Little Branch Gets Adopted children's Book

Yesterday, LITTLE BRANCH GETS ADOPTED became available for purchase on! I am celebrating with my publisher, Marcinson Press, by eating chocolate cake. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to make this available to adoptive and foster parents, plus anyone who loves an adoptee. It’s for kids, ages 5-12. The Story of Little Branch  The

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Why Some Adoptees Are Angry and Others Aren’t

Say What? You're Not Angry?

Imagine a five-year old whose parents were wiped out in a car wreck. She’s just attended their funeral and then witnessed their coffins lowered six feet into the ground. If you were to strike up a conversation with this child as her aunt takes her hand and leads her to the car, what do you believe the child would say?

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