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For adoptees, freedom from their painful, anger-ridden past.

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Say This When Others Call Your Different in a Yucky Way

Say WHAT?! An answer when you’re called “Different”

I’ll never forget when a high-level ministry person introduced me: “This is Sherrie. She’s really different…but she may grow on you.”

How cruel!

And, how did I react?

Like a victim….I smiled and didn’t say a thing. Just kept it tucked in my heart for decades.

Let’s talk about the word “different,” fellow adoptees and foster kids.

What comes to mind immediately?

  • I stand out like neon in a crowd.
  • I am totally weird and everyone knows it.
  • I am not like the rest of humanity.
  • I don’t fit in my family.
  • I am labeled because I am an adoptee or foster kid.
  • I feel like a square peg in a round hole.
  • It feels like i just got pushed under the bus.

So, friends, WHY do you, why do I, sink into a victim’s mindset? Why do we smile and take it?

Why instead, don’t we step back and say in a loud voice, “SAY WHAT?”

I’m going to do that next time someone shoves me under the bus.

How about you?

Call me if I need to come over with my boxing gloves on, okay?

I love you!

PS–See the accompanying video at http://www./SherrieEldridge/





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