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“I am an adopted child, a unique weaving together of nature and nurture into one marvelous human being, with inestimable potential.”

This is my story…

My adoptive mom-Retha Cook

I love the fact that I was adopted. How boring life would be without it.

This is my birth sister, Candyce Hayes, that I met for the first time a year ago. The Indy Star ran a front-page article about us meeting in the airport.

My Life Cheerleader

Bob Eldridge and I have been married almost 54 years. Along with our four children and six grands, we consider ourselves incredibly blessed.

This is my birth sister, whom I met just a year ago. The Indy Star covered our reunion on their front page.
What To Do When You Find a "Nightmare Father"
Sherrie expected that her missing birth father would be a wonderful man. Just the opposite was true as she uncovered DNA secrets from Ancestry.com. So, how does she and others with a “nightmare father” give “honor” to them on Father’s Day. Sherrie shares what has set her free.
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