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The Best News for Adopted and Foster Kids This Easter

How to Answer Your Child's Questions

The innermost fear of many adopted humans—Is my life a mistake?This is the deepest, darkest shame possible and none of your children would admit it to you. Trust me, MOST adoptees struggle with this question.What is needed for the questioning child?

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When You Write to Publish, Don’t Forget This!

Announcing Little Branch Gets Adopted children's Book

Yesterday, LITTLE BRANCH GETS ADOPTED became available for purchase on! I am celebrating with my publisher, Marcinson Press, by eating chocolate cake. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be able to make this available to adoptive and foster parents, plus anyone who loves an adoptee. It’s for kids, ages 5-12. The Story of Little Branch  The

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Why Some Adoptees Are Angry and Others Aren’t

Say What? You're Not Angry?

Imagine a five-year old whose parents were wiped out in a car wreck. She’s just attended their funeral and then witnessed their coffins lowered six feet into the ground. If you were to strike up a conversation with this child as her aunt takes her hand and leads her to the car, what do you believe the child would say?

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