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Irish Adoptive Mom Writes Groundbreaking Book!

What To Do When There's No Adoption Literature

Dear friends…I am pleased to introduce you to Mari Galligher, an Irish adoptive mom. She is soooo brave. When you read about the current adoption atmosphere in Ireland, you will be amazed that she has broken silence in a country that doesn’t talk about adoption. Please welcome her, and give her a big hug. Love, Sherrie After twenty years of

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Is Adoptee Anger My Life Sentence?

Why Can't I Control Anger At My Mom?

Many of us adoptees wonder if anger is our life sentence. It’s been a constant companion since childhood and even though attempts like counseling have been made to quell it, it’s a strong as ever. Once a counselor told me to just scream when I feel angry. The next time I felt angry, I screamed in the middle of a

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Adoptive and Foster Mamas Are Wired for This Rare Gift

What to do if you're scared about being a mama to a child with special needs and scary background

When adoptive and foster mamas hear their child’s back story, they may experience grief for their child and doubts as to whether or not they can successfully parent that child. What they don’t know is that they’ve been wired for this calling as a mama. Hearing Sherrie’s story about her mom will help mamas to see why they can be confident in the calling and parenting.

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