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Remember This When You’re Labeled Bastard or Illegitimate

This young woman in this photo illustrates the paralyzing fear of being exposed as an illegitimate or bastard child. Even in church, mean words are uttered and Scripture is twisted at times. Sherrie offers a strategy for adopted and foster kids to overcome deep-seated shame.

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The Double-Whammy of One Adoptee

This photo of two mittens can be illustrative of two areas of life that run parallel and that hurt. What can one do to find comfort? Sherrie shares what she learned from a teen in a wheelchair that was life changing.

Sometimes, life throws a double-whammy at us. Something that brings new limitations and a feeling of being totally out of control. Sherrie shares two parts of her life that run parallel, that she calls her double-whammy. Learn the incredible lesson she learned from a young man in a wheel chair.

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Adoptive, Foster, and Birth Parents Long for This

This photo of prize pearls represents adopted and foster children that parents would travel the world for. At times, they get discouraged because their kids come from hard placed. This blog is designed to encourage.

Imagine standing at Tiffany’s jewelry showcase. Your eyes are drawn to a lustrous, huge. string of pearl, set in a simple, yet elegant setting. All of us would love having those pearls. However, there’s another pearl far more precious to adoptive and foster parents…a pearl you would travel to the ends of the earth to obtain…a pearl that can’t be

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